Arca Labs Partners with GK8 to Provide ArCoin Custody


Arca Labs is pleased to announce that GK8 has completed an integration that will allow ArCoin holders to have custody of their digital assets with GK8’s patented air-gapped solution. Based in Israel, GK8 is a leading custodial solution provider designed to eliminate a wallet's attack surface and provide secure storage solutions for clients. With the addition of GK8, Arca offers eight different custodians to store ArCoin. Its goal is to provide a range of service providers so that ArCoin can easily fit into a customer’s workflow. 

President of Arca Labs, Jerald David, announced the partnership this morning by stating, “It's always a pleasure to work with other innovators in the space that put the same importance on security as us. GK8's world-class solution gives ArCoin holders an added layer of protection because we know our customers cannot risk losing any of their holdings.” David added that this partnership with GK8 reflects the larger sentiment of Arca Labs which strives to offer some of the strongest solutions for holders of its digital security.  When it comes to upholding the requirements of a digital security, such as ArCoin, security redundancies create the most tried and true solutions and products. 

GK8 CEO & Co-Founder Lior Lamesh adds: “Financial institutions that manage digital assets have been facing a spike in cyber incidents, with theft and fraud reaching $4.2 billion in 2019 alone. The risk of cyberattacks is expected to increase as banks begin offering Blockchain-based services and traditional assets worth trillions are being digitized. Using our solution, ArCoin holders can safeguard their digital assets with the most secure custody solution available in the market today: an offline, truly air-gapped Cold Vault, which is the only custody solution that enables users to create, sign and send blockchain transactions without being connected to the internet – thereby eliminating all potential attack vectors that could be exploited by hackers.” 

Arca and GK8’s partnership is another step towards laying the foundation for digital securities. Look for more product initiative announcements within the month.