ArCoin Integrates with MetaMask: Bridging ArCoin to dApps


Today Arca Labs announces the integration of ArCoin into MetaMask to offer custody of ArCoin. MetaMask enables users to access the Ethereum network and interact with decentralized applications (dApps). In a recently published DeFi Report, Consensys states, “wallets like MetaMask allow for anyone in the globe to trade assets on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.” The integration of ArCoin into MetaMask’s ecosystem further builds upon Arca Labs’ mission to create an interconnected network for ArCoin, and pave the way for other digital securities to find utility within dApps. 

Arca Labs’ Head of Growth, Anthony Bufinsky, expanded on the new integration, stating, “it is paramount in this stage of product development to partner with a wide breadth of innovators. MetaMask brings utility to ArCoin holders wishing to access the greater Ethereum ecosystem and explore Web3.” Anthony goes further, stating, “beyond ArCoin, this partnership allows us to push forward the integration of security tokens in digital infrastructure. This is a development we believe will become paramount as this token sector rises in popularity.” 

The integration of ArCoin, the first digital security issued from a ‘40 Act Fund, illustrates the potential ability of regulated products to find their way in dApps and digital environments. The addition of ArCoin to MetaMask was included in today’s scheduled release of MetaMask. Stay tuned for more product updates soon.