Overview of the ArCoin Purchasing Process


Arca Labs strives to provide the highest customer success for investors purchasing, transferring, and storing their ArCoin. Below you will find resources to guide you through purchasing ArCoin using the ArCoin Portal. Before obtaining ArCoin, investors should read the ArCoin FAQs to better understand the processes and requirements associated with holding ArCoin.

Our Technology Provider, TokenSoft, has provided an in-depth tutorial on ArCoin and the ArCoin Purchasing Process accessible here. The following flow is a high-level overview of the ArCoin portal registration process to orient you as you apply to purchase ArCoin: 

1. Create an ArCoin account in the ArCoin portal using an email and password of your choosing
2. Complete KYC/AML identity verification in the portal
3. Wait for an email confirming identity verification (the average time for verification is a few minutes but can take up to three days)
4. In the portal select a compatible ETH wallet where your ArCoin will be minted. TIA (see below for details), Gemini, or select BitGo wallets all currently support ERC-1404 tokens (ArCoin’s token standard). Enter the amount you plan to invest in ArCoin.
5. Complete a wire or ACH with the information provided in the portal. Expect this process to take a few business days.

Please note that if you are registering in the ArCoin portal with the hopes of receiving ArCoin via a peer-to-peer transaction (arranged with a third party) you must complete steps 1 through 4 to be eligible for ArCoin transfers.


If you have any questions about ArCoin or the ArCoin portal please contact us at