CoinDesk Webinar: Tokenization Trends in 2023 and The Future of Securities


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Bear markets present an opportunity to build, and blockchain technology provides a means to introduce novel solutions designed to solve enduring industry challenges—inefficient operations, costly intermediaries, and illiquidity. Enterprises from various industries are modernizing their businesses by integrating blockchain technology. For example, KKR launched a tokenized private equity fund, IBM offers services to automate insurance underwriting and claims, and Christie’s implemented an on-chain auction platform. Tokenization, programmability, and infrastructure are a few of the myriad use cases businesses are exploring with blockchain. What will the future hold?

In this CoinDesk webinar moderated by Arca, industry leaders from State Street discuss how blockchain technology can help enhance business operations and prepare industries to transition into a digitally-powered future. Adopting new technologies can be challenging, especially when the tool is versatile with expansive capabilities. State Street leaders encourage companies to focus on near-term solutions by exploring how blockchain can help solve the problems their customers currently face. Experience with the new technology should instill comfort and confidence to strategize for a blockchain-powered future.

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Tokenization Trends in 2023 and the Future of Digital Asset Securities
Hosted by CoinDesk
November 2, 2022 at 11 AM ET

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Moderated by:
Annelise Osborne,
Head of Institutional, Arca Labs



Luke Brereton,
SVP GlobalLink, State Street



Nitin Gaur,
Managing Director of Digital
Asset and Technology Design, State Street