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Arca Labs, the innovation division of Arca, harnesses the transformative power of blockchain and digital assets in its efforts to help develop a more dynamic, democratized financial system.

We are one of the leaders in the effort to build financial infrastructures and networks that integrate innovative technology into traditional frameworks. In partnership with leading financial institutions, we strive to create market efficiencies and products that advance the ecosystem.


We accomplish our mission
by applying four unique approaches:


Research & Development
Drive responsible innovation by integrating blockchain technology into financial services solutions


Collaborate with market

leaders to break through traditional barriers and create new tokenized products


Collective Resourcing
Connect financiers, innovators, service providers, and evangelists to help propel the digital asset ecosystem forward


Product Consulting
Guide firms through the process of building tokenized product, from ideation to market launch

"At Arca Labs we're breaking through the current limitations, we're developing cutting-edge solutions, and really we're accelerating the evolution of finance."

The Arca Labs Team

Jerald David-Headshot

Jerald David

President of
Arca Labs


Annelise Osborne

Head of Institutional
Arca Labs

Nikesh Dalal Headshot

Nikesh Dalal

Head of Product
Arca Labs

Anthony Bufinsky

Anthony Bufinsky

Head of Growth
Arca Labs

Michael Fleming

Michael Fleming

Director of Operations
Arca Labs

Blair Bingham Headshot

Blair Bingham

Lead Analyst
Arca Labs

Arca Labs News


January 20, 2022

Arca Labs study finds 77%of capital market participants believe traditional securities will be digitized in 5-10 years

Conducted in partnership with Coalition Greenwich, this industry-first digital asset securities study cites transparency and real-time settlement as the top benefits of blockchain; lists real estate and equities as the top two designated asset classes to be represented as digital asset securities.

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October 25, 2021

Arca Labs and Oasis Pro, Inc. enter into joint venture to develop blockchain transferred funds and digital asset securities

The Second BTF Offering Seeks to Meet Market Demand as Institutional Interest GrowsPartnership Will Create an Industry Advisory Committee to Develop New Products

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September 23, 2021

Arca Labs and Securitize partner on tokenized financial products, beginning with Arca U.S. Treasury Fund

Arca’s agreement with Securitize signals an increasing ability for investors to access digitized financial products built on blockchain within the existing regulatory framework.

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Thought Leadership


November 14, 2022Arca Labs

Adaptive innovation is forever fluid

Rather than narrowly focusing on a precise endpoint, it is crucial to suspend rigid expectations and adjust the course or adjust to the course as necessary. 

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November 10, 2022Arca Labs

CoinDesk Webinar: Tokenization Trends in 2023 and The Future of Securities

Bear markets present an opportunity to build, and blockchain technology provides a means to introduce novel solutions designed to solve enduring industry challenges—inefficient operations, costly intermediaries, and illiquidity. 

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The Future of Business with Blockchain Blog

August 31, 2022Jerald David

The Future of Business with Blockchain

There are countless ways companies can stimulate growth and contribute to long-term sustainability by adopting blockchain technology to make money, save money and stay competitive.

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