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Arca Labs, the innovation division of Arca, harnesses the transformative power of blockchain and digital assets in its efforts to help develop a more dynamic, democratized financial system.

We are one of the leaders in the effort to build financial infrastructures and networks that integrate innovative technology into traditional frameworks. In partnership with leading financial institutions, we strive to create market efficiencies and products that advance the ecosystem.


We accomplish our mission
by applying four unique approaches:


Research & Development
Drive responsible innovation by integrating blockchain technology into financial services solutions


Collaborate with market

leaders to break through traditional barriers and create new tokenized products


Collective Resourcing
Connect financiers, innovators, service providers, and evangelists to help propel the digital asset ecosystem forward


Product Consulting
Guide firms through the process of building tokenized product, from ideation to market launch

"At Arca Labs we're breaking through the current limitations, we're developing cutting-edge solutions, and really we're accelerating the evolution of finance."

The Arca Labs Team

Jerald David-Headshot

Jerald David

Arca Labs

Anthony Bufinsky

Anthony Bufinsky

Head of Growth,
Arca Labs

Michael Fleming

Michael Fleming

Director of Operations,
Arca Labs

Blair Bingham Headshot

Blair Bingham

Lead Analyst,
Arca Labs


Blockchain Transferred Funds (BTFs):

The New Frontier for Investment Funds

Discover the next iteration of pooled investment vehicles for professional investors.

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Thought Leadership


April 4, 2023Arca Labs

How Blockchain Can Better Business: Learning With Labs

Customers, money, and innovation are the driving forces behind every business. Understand how blockchain technology can improve business in practice. Click through our module to learn more.

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March 9, 2023│Jerald David

Digital Assets Are a POC for the $100T U.S. Securities Market

The Bitcoin white paper introduced a new perspective on money and highlighted blockchain technology's potential to power a new financial paradigm. Enabled by blockchain, digital assets have been the proof of concept (POC), demonstrating how the technology can streamline and enhance processes in the U.S. financial markets. 

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November 14, 2022Arca Labs

Adaptive innovation is forever fluid

Rather than narrowly focusing on a precise endpoint, it is crucial to suspend rigid expectations and adjust the course or adjust to the course as necessary. 

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