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Establish your blockchain strategy and develop tokenized products

Arca Innovation Services guides your digital asset and tokenization strategy, from approach to product creation to lifecycle management.


What We Do

For traditional financial institutions, Arca Innovation Services provides:


Blockchain Strategy

Optimize your business model by implementing digital assets and blockchain technology. We help you understand the benefits and how to integrate new technology.


Product Development

Create and launch digital asset securities so that your business may benefit from a diversified and digitized product set— for example, tokenized investment funds, debt instruments, and income-producing assets.


Blockchain Fund Servicing

Ongoing lifecycle support provided by experienced digital asset security creators and blockchain operation professionals.

Our Approach:

Strategy Development 

Learn how to integrate blockchain into your current business model. 

Product Ideation 

Understand which offerings could be tokenized and how to structure your products.

Consultative Research 

Uncover what you want to accomplish through our consultative process as we work to understand your goals and formulate a plan designed to get you there. 

Service Team Compilation 

Provide referrals for  the best team for your product so you can operate with confidence. 

Market Support for Product Launch & Listing 

Coordinate the  launch process to be seamless and organized through project management of the entire listing, pre-launch, and launch. 

Blockchain Administration 

Due diligence of all counterparties and delivery of ongoing lifecycle support provided by experienced digital asset security creators and blockchain operation professionals. 

Arca Labs Gradient

What Sets Us Apart:

Our team of seasoned tokenization and financial professionals ready to engage in hands-on advisory work has:


Experience working with the advisor to the first registered ‘40 Act Fund leveraging blockchain technology.


Relationships with digital Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) and liquidity providers.


Experience creating, working, and overseeing regulated digital asset products. 

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Potential Use Cases For:


Real Estate

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Crypto Native

Icon-Wealth Managers


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Tokenization Talks

Learn from like-minded institutional innovators as they discuss blockchain benefits, how and what to tokenize, and the impacts of tokenization. Tokenization Talks provides an institutional viewpoint for businesses embracing and applying the emerging technology to seek continuous growth.

Learn more about the tokenization process:


Tokenization Trends in 2023 and The Future of Digital Asset Securities

Bear markets present an opportunity to build, and blockchain technology provides a means to introduce novel solutions designed to solve enduring industry challenges.

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Tokenization for Institutions

Join Arca and Security Token Market in its efforts to provide the initial playbook to institutions looking to leverage blockchain technology for their own assets and operations.

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Tokenization for Institutions: Real Estate

Join Arca and Security Token Market in an effort to provide the playbook to institutions looking to leverage blockchain technology.

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Tokenization FAQ 

Frequently asked questions about tokenization.

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Tokenization of Real Estate  

Real estate is one of the largest asset classes in the world, with over $280 trillion in market value. 

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